UXO clearance of the water area

Water area mine and unexploded ordnance clearance at preselected depth, using:

Offshore profile echogram, received by using side scan sonar;

Magnetometry of the objects, situated on and under the sea bottom, received by using sea magnetometer;

Linking of detected object, made by using navigation and positioning systems;

Detected objects identification, using remotely operated underwater vehicles and divers.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD).

Calmar 720 boat with special equipment for geophysical investigation of the water area, SAKHALIN 2, 2003
Underwater technical operations, SAKHALIN 2, 2003
Putting afloat, SAKHALIN 2, 2002

To perform water area mine and UXO clearance operations EMERCOM-DEMINING incorporates professional specialists and managers, modern UXO detection equipment, necessary technical means and medical support teams.
EMERCOM-DEMINING offers a range of highly professional and competitive services, flexibility and rapid response to mine and UXO clearance challenges.

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